Taika Waititi, writer, director, and star of Jojo Rabbit

Although Ms. Moviefone, Grae Drake usually makes it look easy, interviewing the cast of a movie can be tough. Sometimes the movie is so unique that you can only really discuss how hard it is to talk about the movie without ruining the experience for those that haven't yet seen it.

Jojo Rabbit is one of those movies.

The good news is Grae still managed to have some fun with the cast.  Writer/director Taika Waititi mercilessly judged Grae's notes. Scarlett Johansson,  Roman Griffin Davis and Thomasin McKenzie shared their own troubles describing the film, and Sam Rockwell & Stephen Merchant admit that the interview may not viewers much to go on.  (But trust us, the movie is absolutely worth seeing).

Jojo Rabbit is in theaters October 18.