June 2002 Horror DVD Releases

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The Mothman Prophecies Poster
The Mothman PropheciesAvailabe June 4, 2002
Creature from the Haunted Sea Poster
Creature from the Haunted SeaAvailabe June 4, 2002
Office Killer Poster
Office KillerAvailabe June 4, 2002
Spooks Run Wild Poster
Spooks Run WildAvailabe June 4, 2002
The Ape Poster
The ApeAvailabe June 4, 2002
The Dark Eyes of London Poster
The Dark Eyes of LondonAvailabe June 4, 2002
How to Make a Monster Poster
How to Make a MonsterAvailabe June 11, 2002
Beneath Loch Ness Poster
Beneath Loch NessAvailabe June 18, 2002
The Attic Expeditions Poster
The Attic ExpeditionsAvailabe June 18, 2002
Short Night of Glass Dolls Poster
Short Night of Glass DollsAvailabe June 25, 2002
The Bloodstained Shadow Poster
The Bloodstained ShadowAvailabe June 25, 2002
House II: The Second Story Poster
House II: The Second StoryAvailabe June 25, 2002
The Mad Monster Poster
The Mad MonsterAvailabe June 25, 2002
To Sleep with a Vampire Poster
To Sleep with a VampireAvailabe June 25, 2002
Dracula Rising Poster
Dracula RisingAvailabe June 25, 2002
Club Vampire Poster
Club VampireAvailabe June 25, 2002
The Devil's Backbone Poster
The Devil's BackboneAvailabe June 25, 2002
Night Hunter Poster
Night HunterAvailabe June 25, 2002
Watch Me When I Kill Poster
Watch Me When I KillAvailabe June 25, 2002
The Medium Poster
The MediumAvailabe June 25, 2002
The Bride and the Beast Poster
The Bride and the BeastAvailabe June 25, 2002
Blood Ties Poster
Blood TiesAvailabe June 25, 2002