April 2008 DVD Releases

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The Cook Poster
The CookAvailabe April 1, 2008
What Katy Did Poster
What Katy DidAvailabe April 1, 2008
Christie's Revenge Poster
Christie's RevengeAvailabe April 1, 2008
The Good Night Poster
The Good NightAvailabe April 1, 2008
Sole Survivor Poster
Sole SurvivorAvailabe April 1, 2008
God's Outlaw Poster
God's OutlawAvailabe April 1, 2008
Fear House Poster
Fear HouseAvailabe April 1, 2008
I Was a Rat Poster
I Was a RatAvailabe April 1, 2008
Eye of the Beast Poster
Eye of the BeastAvailabe April 1, 2008
The Island on Bird Street Poster
The Island on Bird StreetAvailabe April 1, 2008
What Love Is Poster
What Love IsAvailabe April 1, 2008
The Cellar Door Poster
The Cellar DoorAvailabe April 8, 2008
There Will Be Blood Poster
There Will Be BloodAvailabe April 8, 2008
The Water Horse Poster
The Water HorseAvailabe April 8, 2008
Til Death Do Us Part Poster
Til Death Do Us PartAvailabe April 8, 2008
Phone Call from a Stranger Poster
Phone Call from a StrangerAvailabe April 8, 2008
Ben 10 Race Against Time Poster
Ben 10 Race Against TimeAvailabe April 8, 2008
Moving Malcolm Poster
Moving MalcolmAvailabe April 8, 2008
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story Poster
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox StoryAvailabe April 8, 2008
Westinghouse Poster
WestinghouseAvailabe April 8, 2008