A Journey Home

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A Journey Home
NR 1 hr 49 minFamily, Drama
Dante a middleaged man believes he has lost everything estranged from his family for twenty years he losses his job and finds out that his wife is dead He goes to her wake and sees his two children Raffy and Kristine again While Dante is eager to make amends with them Raffy does not want him back into his life When an accident forces Raffy to take Dante into his house Dante learns how his own failure as a father has made an impact on how his son acts as the head of his family In his effort to make things right between himself and Raffy Dante develops a bond with Raffys wife Gayle and his grandkids Jake and Tinka Dante rediscovers his love for music that Raffys son is also passionate about With his growing relationship with Raffys family Dante begins to glimpse some hope for a second chance F or how long can Raffy harden his heart Will Dante finally get his second chance at happiness
DirectorPaul Soriano