A Tale of Five Women Poster

Release Date: 1951

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 26 min

Plot Summary
When Englishman Bob Mitchell (Bonar Colleano) leaves his longtime home in America to enlist in the Royal Air Force, his grueling combat experiences result in a loss of memory. As Bob has no identity tags, doctors unknowingly repatriate him to America, where magazine editor Lesley (Barbara Kelly) learns of his condition. All Bob can recall are five women from various European cities, so the magazine sponsors a trip for him to visit each, hoping he'll learn crucial details of his identity.

Cast: Bonar Colleano, Barbara Kelly, Gina Lollobrigida, Anne Vernon, Karin Himboldt, Lily Kann, Danny Green, Carl Jaffe

Director: Romolo Marcellini, Geza von Cziffra, Wolfgang Staudte, E.E. Reinert, Montgomery Tully

Genres: Drama, Romance, Mystery

Keywords: Brother, London, Engaging, Quest, Tense, 1940s