All In The Game

All In The Game (2011)

"If you're gong to be in, you gotta be in it to win it!"
Not Yet Rated 1 hr 20 minOct 27th, 2011Crime, War, Thriller, Drama, Action

When East Baltimore drug King Pin, Ontario Banks (Nelson Irizarry) decides he wants total control of the entire city-wide drug trade, he enlists the help of his closest friends, Lucky (Micaiah Jones), Vince (Chris Clanton) and Littles (Kelvin Page), and his crew to take it all, one body at a time. Even if it means one of his own people. A war will rage in between Ontario, and Italian Drug cartel leader Michael Caprisci (Mike McMullin) on who will hold the crown.

Nelson Irizarryas Ontario Damon Banks

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Original Language:English
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