Lee (2023)

Movie"Some wounds you cannot see."
Miller had a profound understanding and empathy for women and the voiceless victims of war. Her images display both the fragility and ferocity of the human experience. Above all, the film shows how Miller lived her life at full throttle in pursuit of truth, for which she paid a huge personal price, forcing her to confront a traumatic and deeply buried secret from her childhood.

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:September 20th, 2024 - Buy Tickets
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Liz Hannah, Thorsten Schumacher, Claire Taylor, P.J. van Sandwijk
Production Companies:RocketScience, Juggle Productions, Brouhaha Entertainment, Sky Original Productions, Hopscotch Films, Vogue Films (GB), MS Partecipations S.A., Hantz Motion Pictures, Pasaca Entertainment, Vogue Studios, 55 Films