Beauty and the Beast Poster

Release Date: 1987

DVD Release Date: August 9th, 2005

G|1 hr 33 min

Plot Summary
In this retelling of the classic fairy tale, a lovely young woman, Beauty (Rebecca De Mornay), always puts her family's needs before those of her own, especially after her father (Yossi Graber) loses their fortune. Then, when her father garners the ire of a monstrous neighbor (John Savage), she selflessly takes his punishment -- imprisonment in a castle. Hardly seeing her captor in the beginning, Beauty eventually spends more time with the beast and begins to feel the power of love.

Cast: Rebecca De Mornay, John Savage, Yossi Graber, Michael Schneider, Carmela Marner, Ruth Harlap, Joseph Bee, Jack Messinger

Director: Eugene Marner

Genres: Fantasy, Family