Bloodsport II (1996)

"Caught between honor and revenge, how far will one man go..."Movie
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Bloodsport II
After thief Alex Cardo gets caught while stealing an ancient katana in East Asia, he soon finds himself imprisoned and beaten up by the crowd there. One of the guards, Demon, feels upset by Alex appearance and tortures him as often as he gets the opportunity. Alex finds a friend and mentor in the jailhouse, Master Sun, who teaches him a superior fighting style called Iron Hand. When a 'best of the best kumite' is to take place, Demon gets an invitation. Now Master Sun and Alex need to find a way to let Alex take part in the kumite too.
DirectorAlan Mehrez
WriterJeff Schechter

Bloodsport Collection

The Bloodsport collection is a series of films involving mixed martial arts at an underground tournament known as the Kumite. It showcases a large variety of international fighting styles, ranging from Kung Fu to Jeet Kune Do to Muay Thai.

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:March 1st, 1996
Movie Box Office Gross:$684,351 (Worldwide)
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Jeffrey Konvitz, Diane Mehrez
Production Companies:FM Entertainment International N.V.