Captains Courageous Poster

Release Date: 1996

DVD Release Date: June 7th, 2005

PG|1 hr 37 min

Plot Summary
Orphan Harvey Cheyne Jr. (Ken Vadas), a pampered young heir to a fortune, embarks on a luxury cruise to England. Not used to sailing, the boy gets seasick, falls off of the ship and struggles to stay afloat in the cold ocean water. Luckily, Harvey is rescued by Capt. Matthew Troop (Robert Urich), a fisherman with no patience for the boy's snobbery. Aboard Troop's fishing craft, Harvey must labor to earn his way, in the process learning about humility and the value of honest work.

Cast: Robert Urich, Ken Vadas, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Robert Wisden, Duncan Fraser, Sandra Nelson, Terence Kelly, Colin Cunningham

Director: Michael Anderson

Genres: Adventure

Keywords: Growing up, Wife, Friendship, Transformation, Emotional, Son, Rescue, Heartwarming