Creepshow 2 Poster

Release Date: 1987

DVD Release Date: April 10th, 2001

R|1 hr 29 min

Plot Summary
This second horror anthology presents more eerie tales based on Stephen King stories. One episode finds a cigar-store Native American statue coming to life to avenge the death of the shop owner (George Kennedy) and his wife (Dorothy Lamour). Another features a group of teens menaced by a blob-like creature. The final installment follows a wealthy and callous woman (Lois Chiles) who hits a hitchhiker with her car and decides to flee the scene, but the victim isn't inclined to remain dead.

Cast: George Kennedy, Lois Chiles, Dorothy Lamour, Tom Savini, Domenick John, Frank Salsedo, Holt McCallany, David Holbrook

Director: Michael Gornick

Genres: Horror

Keywords: Wife, 1980s, Murder, Fall, Survival, Pursuit, Revenge

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  • The production values are downright dowdy. Creepshow looks more like Cheapshow. Yet the strong writing offsets the film's weaknesses. Creepshow 2 may not have the major-league excitement of The Exorcist or Aliens, but in its own right, it succeeds. The persistent screams from the audience tell you that. [13 May 1987, p.D7]

  • 70

    Working from a script written by original helmer Romero based on a trilogy of lesser works by King, Creepshow 2 is a satisfying little anthology of terror that won't scare you so much as entertain you. show more

  • The film's main fare is three Stephen King horror stories, presented as comic books come to life. Stringing them together are scenes about an all- American youngster, a Creepshow comics fan who outwits the neighborhood bullies with his mail-order Venus flytraps. The Creep, who delivers the comics, acts as host for this anthology. It's a complicated framing device, but it puts the film squarely in the camp of kids' movies. [07 May 1987, p.3C]

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