Daddy's Girl Poster

Release Date: 1996

R|1 hr 35 min

Plot Summary
After Don Mitchell (William Katt) and his wife, Barbara (Michele Greene), adopt young Jody (Gabrielle Boni), the little girl becomes particularly attached to her new father, and eventually utterly obsessed. As a result, Jody's psychotic tendencies emerge in a variety of violent ways. Before long, people who are close to Don begin to die in rapid succession, and his niece, Karen (Roxana Zal), who suspects Jody's involvement, starts to investigate the youngster's past.

Cast: William Katt, Michele Greene, Roxana Zal, Mimi Craven, Peggy McCay, Whip Hubley, Gabrielle Boni

Director: Martin Kitrosser

Genres: Horror

Keywords: Hospital, Cheeky, Escape, Investigation, Doctor, Murder, Pursuit, School, 1990s

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