Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark (1949)

""My Dream was to Become a Star...So Somewhere, Some Day, You'd Know I Did It, In Spite of You - My Father!""
Not Yet Rated 1 hr 32 minDec 2nd, 1949Romance, Comedy

Emery Slade was one of the brightest stars in Hollywood in 1932, but by 1949 his career has hit the skids. Fortunately, he is able to convince studio head Melville Crossman to cast him in the adaptation of a hit Broadway show. Crossman has one condition: Slade must travel to New York and convince the female star of the stage production to join the film. Slade goes, but, when he eyes the winsome Julie Clarke, he hatches a different scheme.

Irving Reis
William Powellas Emery Slade
Mark Stevensas Bill Davis
Betsy Drakeas Julie Clarke