Dennis the Menace Strikes Again Poster

Release Date: 1998

DVD Release Date: January 28th, 2003

G|1 hr 15 min

Plot Summary
Mischievous tyke Dennis (Justin Cooper) is stirring up trouble as usual for his long-suffering neighbor, Mr. Wilson (Don Rickles). When Dennis delivers an unwanted birthday surprise that leaves the old man feeling that much older, the crotchety Wilson buys a youth potion from con artist Sylvester (Carrot Top). With the bogus potion doing nothing to restore his vigor, and at risk of being swindled out of even more money, it's up to Mr. Wilson and Dennis to beat the crooks at their own game.

Cast: Don Rickles, George Kennedy, Justin Cooper, Brian Doyle-Murray, Carrot Top, Betty White, Dwier Brown, Heidi Swedberg

Director: Charles Kanganis

Genres: Comedy, Family

Production Co: Warner Brothers/Seven Arts

Keywords: Transformation, Emotional, 1990s, Growing up, Madcap, Amusing, Revenge