Diagnosis Murder: The House on Sycamore Street

Diagnosis Murder: The House on Sycamore Street (1992)

TMDb Score
Not Yet Rated 1 hr 36 minMay 1st, 1992

Dr Mark Sloan cannot believe that his former student Dr Drummond, an ambitious cosmetic surgeon, has committed suicide. Assisted by his team of hobby detectives, pathologist Amanda Bentley and junior doctor Jack Parker, Sloan tries to investigate the case. He finds out that Drummond and his senior partner, Dr Stern, had used plastic surgery to create a double of rich banker and benefactor Gantry, who is expected to make a major donation to the community hospital. Does Gantry also plan to have his double assassinated in order to vanish with the money himself?

Christian I. Nyby II
Dick Van Dykeas Dr. Mark Sloan
Cynthia Gibbas Dr. Amanda Bentley
Stephen Caffreyas Dr. Jack Parker