Endless Descent Poster

Release Date: 1989

R|1 hr 19 min

Plot Summary
Siren II, a submarine under the command of Capt. Phillips (R. Lee Ermey), ventures into the deep on a mission to recover the missing Siren I. Their quest is hindered when the submarine becomes entangled in a patch of toxic seaweed. Nearby, Phillips and his crew find an air-filled underwater cave where the government conducts sinister genetic experiments. The heroic rescue mission soon transforms into a desperate fight for survival as the crew battles hordes of mutant sea creatures.

Cast: Jack Scalia, R. Lee Ermey, Ray Wise, Deborah Adair, Emilio Linder, John Toles-Bey, Tony Isbert, Ely Pouget

Director: Juan Piquer Simon

Genres: Science fiction, Horror

Keywords: Escape, 1990s, Survival