Hollywood Man

Hollywood Man (1976)

"The cops try to stop him! The mafia tries to stop him! but nobody's going to stop him!"
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Not Yet Rated 1 hr 47 minOct 1st, 1976

Hollywood action film star Rafe Stoker has sunk $130,000 of his own money into his own production, but can't find legitimate financing to complete the film. His mob-connected investor demands an exorbitant amount of collateral and a guarantee that Rafe hand over a commercially acceptable film in 4 weeks, then hires a gang of psycho bikers to sabotage the picture to ensure he collects Stoker's collateral. As if a cranky local cop and bad weather didn't slow production enough, Crazy Harvey decides to take Rafe out of the picture after Rafe shows him up once too often.

William Smithas Rafe Stoker
Ray Girardinas Harvey