• Jeepers Creepers (2001) Cast & Crew

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  • Brandon  Smith
    Brandon Smith as Sergeant Davis Tubbs
  • Eileen  Brennan
    Eileen Brennan as The Cat Lady
  • Peggy  Sheffield
    Peggy Sheffield as Waitress Beverly
  • Jeffrey William  Evans
    Jeffrey William Evans as Restaurant Manager
  • Patrick  Cherry
    Patrick Cherry as Binky Plutzker
  • Jon  Beshara
    Jon Beshara as Officer Robert Gideon
  • Avis-Marie  Barnes
    Avis-Marie Barnes as Officer Natasha Weston
  • Steven  Raulerson
    Steven Raulerson as Cellblock Officer
  • Tom  Tarantini
    Tom Tarantini as Austin McCoy
  • Will  Hasenzahl
    Will Hasenzahl as Officer with Hole in Chest
  • Kim  Kahana
    Kim Kahana as Camper Driver
  • Chris  Shepardson
    Chris Shepardson as Dying Boy