Kinds of Kindness (2024)

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Kinds of Kindness
KINDS OF KINDNESS is a triptych fable, following a man without choice who tries to take control of his own life; a policeman who is alarmed that his wife who was missing-at-sea has returned and seems a different person; and a woman determined to find a specific someone with a special ability, who is destined to become a prodigious spiritual leader.

Kinds of Kindness Review

Jesse Plemons and Emma Stone headline eerie, funny ‘Kinds of Kindness’. Emma Stone and Jesse Plemons play multiple roles in ‘Kinds of Kindness,’ director Yorgos Lanthimos’ return to the absurdist horror of his early work.

For his ninth feature film, ‘Kinds of Kindness,’ Greek director and co-writer Yorgos Lanthimos (working again with his frequent writing partner, Efthimis Filippou) returns to the surreal horror/comedy of earlier works like ‘Dogtooth,’ ‘Alps,’ and ‘The Lobster.’ Not that you could call his recent, Oscar-winning films like ‘The Favourite’ and ‘Poor Things’ conventional, exactly: both still incorporate Lanthimos’ sense of the absurd, his visceral approach to sex and physical violence, and a heightened reality into more linear, accessible narratives.

Kinds of Kindness Showtimes on July 20th, 2024

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Theatrical Release:June 28th, 2024 - Buy Tickets
Movie Budget:$15,000,000
Movie Box Office Gross:$11,147,607 (Worldwide)
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Ollie Madden, Daniel Battsek, Louise Lovegrove
Production Companies:Searchlight Pictures, Film4 Productions, TSG Entertainment, Element Pictures, Limp