• Lawless Range (1935)

Lawless Range

Release Date: 1935

DVD Release Date: October 21st, 2003

Not Yet Rated |54 min

Plot Summary

Rodeo man John Middleton (John Wayne) is called upon for a favor by Hank Mason (Wally Howe), a friend of the Middletons who lives in a nearby town. But, when John arrives at Hank's, the man's niece, Ann (Sheila Mannors), informs him that Hank has been abducted. John then teams up with the local sheriff, takes on a disguise and begins investigating cattle rustlers who could be connected to the disappearance. He's led to a corrupt banker (Frank McGlynn Jr.), who has plans to take over the town.

Cast: John Wayne, Sheila Bromley, Earl Dwire, Frank McGlynn Jr., Jack Curtis, Yakima Canutt, Wally Howe

Director: Robert N. Bradbury

Genres: Western

Production Co: Monogram, Republic

Keywords: Spirited, Quest, Tense, Friend, Escape, Small town, Rescue, Rousing, Father

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