• Lifeform (1996) Cast & Crew

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  • Raoul  O'Connell
    Raoul O'Connell as Private Jeffers
  • Carlos  Carrasco
    Carlos Carrasco as Sergeant Lopez
  • Leland  Orser
    Leland Orser as Michael Perkett
  • Kevin  Cooney
    Kevin Cooney as Lt. General McClintock
  • Joseph  Romanov
    Joseph Romanov as Private Hawkins
  • Damon  Saleem
    Damon Saleem as Private Hawkins
  • Ivan  Gueron
    Ivan Gueron as Lieutenant Angstrom
  • Timothy  Charles
    Timothy Charles as Ian Ochs
  • Gregory  Webb
    Gregory Webb as Recovery Team Member
  • Peter  McKernan
    Peter McKernan as Chopper Co-Pilot
  • Dirk  Vahle
    Dirk Vahle as Chopper Pilot
  • Burke  Roberts
    Burke Roberts as Checkpoint Guard
  • Kim  Collins
    Kim Collins as Sergeant Reynolds
  • Jeff  Gardner
    Jeff Gardner as Private Zebrasky
  • Andrew  Endsley
    Andrew Endsley as Decontamination Technician
  • Leif  Tilden
    Leif Tilden as The Invader
  • Joseph  Chapman
    Joseph Chapman as Edwards AFB
  • David  Cowgill
    David Cowgill as China Lake Radar Control
  • Hal  Sparks
    Hal Sparks as Fort Irwin Defense Command
  • Andrew  Alden
    Andrew Alden as Army Private
  • Michael  Bailous
    Michael Bailous as Army Private
  • Dennis  Chamberlain
    Dennis Chamberlain as Army Private
  • Mike  Derey
    Mike Derey as Army Private
  • John  Dewey
    John Dewey as Army Private
  • Ryan  Dunn
    Ryan Dunn as Army Private
  • Dwight  Dyer
    Dwight Dyer as Army Private