• Like Mother, Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes (2001) Cast & Crew

Full Cast & Crew

  • Ken  Radley
    Ken Radley as Agent
  • Arianthe  Galani
    Arianthe Galani as Beatrice
  • Mark  Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell as Sante's Lawyer
  • Wane  Hope
    Wane Hope as Tony Vatelero
  • Bruce  Hughes
    Bruce Hughes as Man in Central Park (uncredited)
  • Alex  Breden
    Alex Breden as Kenny
  • Jared  Daperis
    Jared Daperis as Kenny
  • Daniel  Daperis
    Daniel Daperis as Kent
  • Matthew  Vennell
    Matthew Vennell as Kent
  • Matthew  Robinson
    Matthew Robinson as Kent
  • Leighton  Phair
    Leighton Phair as Ramos
  • Carolyne  Cooper
    Carolyne Cooper as Irene's Maid
  • Daniela  Farinacci
    Daniela Farinacci as Sante's Maid
  • Deidre  Rubenstein
    Deidre Rubenstein as Las Vegas Judge
  • Herbert  Etienne
    Herbert Etienne