'Little' | Unscripted | Regina Hall, Marsai Martin, Tina Gordon

Apr 10, 2019 - “Little” is the story of a grown woman (Regina Hall) who wakes up as the younger version of herself (Marsai Martin), leading to all sorts of chaos. So clearly Hall and Martin, alongside director Tina Gordon, were ready to participate in the latest episode of Moviefone’s “Unscripted.” We sat down with the stars and the filmmaker at the junket for the film in Los Angeles, and all three gave us truly illuminating answers to your questions. Topics included (but not limited to) include Martin’s love of body-swapping movies, how Hall’s wardrobe was supposed to look much bigger on young Martin, and how the movie’s themes can be applied to just about every viewer! “Little,” directed by Tina Gordon and starring Regina Hall, Marsai Martin, Issa Rae and Rachel Dratch, opens everywhere on April 12th.