Lost Lake

Lost Lake (2003)

Not Yet Rated 1 hr 48 minMar 1st, 2003

When Kat Walker, an exotically beautiful free spirit, takes a job at rustic Tamarack Lodge, she appears to have little in common with her strange new companions. Soon, amazing interconnections between them are revealed and their lives intertwine with passion and humor as they challenge one another on the steepest slopes of the body, mind and soul. After an avalanche traps Kat and her friends in the isolated lodge, she becomes increasingly haunted by seductive and terrifying visions. As a secret world unfolds, her mysterious past emerges and her new life awakens. With its fascinating characters and compelling story, LOST LAKE is a captivating journey into the light and shadows of the human heart.

Anthony Adams
Angel Boris Reedas Kat Walker
Michael McLaffertyas Andre Carroll
Mark Collieas E.Z. Ferris