Masked and Anonymous Poster

Release Date: 2003

DVD Release Date: February 17th, 2004

PG-13|1 hr 52 min

Plot Summary
A nation wracked with civil war and social unrest is looking forward to a giant charity concert, organized by deceptive concert promoter Uncle Sweetheart (John Goodman), who plans on raking in huge sums of money for himself from the event. Headlining is Jack Fate (Bob Dylan), a legendary musician serving time in prison, who is released with Sweetheart's help. Meanwhile, journalist Tom Friend (Jeff Bridges) investigates the corrupt concert and tries to unmask the truth to the public.

Cast: Bob Dylan, Jeff Bridges, Penélope Cruz, John Goodman, Angela Bassett, Steven Bauer, Michael Paul Chan, Bruce Dern

Director: Larry Charles

Genres: Drama

Production Co: BBC, Marching Band Productions, Spitfire Films

Keywords: Creative, Offbeat, Hotel, Soldier

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  • Isn't a good movie, at least by any conventional definition of the word good. But it's not a bad movie, either. It's a Bob Dylan movie. show more

  • If you dissect Masked line by line, it would be, like a Dylan song, indecipherable. But if you take the allegory as a whole, by simply asking the questions, it somehow makes a statement. Is it muddled? Yes. Imperfect? Sure. Impenetrable? Well, that's open to interpretation. show more

  • It's only when the film attempts to express its ideas in spoken English that logic dissolves into a muddle that would test the most rabid Dylanologist. show more

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