Men Without Jobs Poster

Release Date: 2004

DVD Release Date: February 27th, 2007

R|1 hr 48 min

Plot Summary
Compulsive gambler Oz (Bonz Malone) lives in a rent-controlled apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y., with his roommate, Ivy-League dropout Ish (Ishmael Butler). Crippled by an unspoken fear of failure, the serial underachievers whittle the hours away playing video games and discussing plans for a band that has yet to leave the realm of the hypothetical. But after they meet graffiti artist Veronica (Anita Kopacz), who challenges them to take action, Oz and Ish must examine themselves for the first time.

Cast: Ishmael Butler, Bonz Malone, Anita Kopacz, Andre Royo, Michael C. Maronna, Reg E. Cathey, Adrian Martinez

Director: Mad Matthewz

Genres: Comedy

Keywords: New York City, Quest, Friendship, Inspiring, Transformation, 2000s, Daughter, Growing up, Amusing