Redhead from Manhattan

Redhead from Manhattan (1943)

"Song and Dance...Swing and Romance...To Knock You For a LUPE!"
Not Yet Rated 1 hr 4 minMay 6th, 1943Comedy

Lupe Vélez plays a dual role, twin sisters Rita and Elaine. After escaping a torpedoed ship, Rita shows up in Manhattan, where she takes the place of her Broadway-star twin sister Elaine (both parts played by Lupe Vélez), who's having problems with her marriage and needs to make a getaway. Neither Elaine's husband or Rita's saxophone-player boyfriend are aware of the switch.

Lew Landers
Lupe Vélezas Rita Manners / Elaine Manners
Michael Duaneas Jimmy Randall
Tim Ryanas Mike Glendon