• Reunion in France (1942)

Reunion in France

Release Date: 1942

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 44 min

Plot Summary

When wealthy Michele de la Becque (Joan Crawford) returns to Paris from her sunny holiday on the Riviera in 1939, she finds that the invading Nazi forces have commandeered her home. Worse, her industrialist fiancé, Robert Cortot (Philip Dorn), has been actively assisting the Germans. When downed American pilot Pat Talbot (John Wayne) stumbles into her life, Michele puts herself in grave danger to hide the flyboy from the invading forces and her suspicious lover.

Cast: Joan Crawford, John Wayne, Philip Dorn, Reginald Owen, Albert Basserman, John Carradine, Ann Ayars, J. Edward Bromberg

Director: Jules Dassin

Genres: War

Production Co: Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Keywords: Deception, Love triangle, Tense, Melodramatic, Escape, 1940s

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