Run Wild, Run Free Poster

Release Date: 1969

G|1 hr 40 min

Plot Summary
Philip Ransome (Mark Lester) is a young boy who has spent most of his life mute, even though there is nothing wrong with his vocal cords. One day, Philip meets a retiree (John Mills) who understands, even without words, that Philip has a deep connection to nature. Through this new friend, Philip starts training a white colt, forming a deep bond with the animal. When his horse faces grave peril, Philip must find a way to break out of his silence in order to save his beloved companion.

Cast: John Mills, Mark Lester, Sylvia Syms, Gordon Jackson, Bernard Mills, Fiona Fullerton

Director: Allen Smithee

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Mother, Spirited, 1960s, Rescue, Father, Transformation, Touching