Samuel’s Travels (2021)

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NR 1 hr 40 minSep 29th, 2021
Lost in the backwoods of Latvia, on the edges of a mythical forest, Sam is a long way from his Belgian home. He is searching for runaway, Lagzdin, but instead finds a pig-farmer’s daughter, Kirke. Her kind hospitality turns out to be an opportunistic trick to secure him as a farm slave. Alone, unable to speak the language and chained up 24/7 with the pigs, he learns to adapt. However, being worked into the ground is not his only threat. In particular, Kirke’s jealous suitor would rather see Sam dead so he can marry her and inherit the farm. Fortunately, a talking piglet gains Sam’s confidence and shows him the way to freedom, true love and a macabre happy ever after.
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DirectorAik Karapetian