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Release Date: 2010

DVD Release Date: January 26th, 2009

PG-13|1 hr 30 min

Plot Summary
As they're looking into the downing of a treasure ship -- supposedly by a massive squid -- Sherlock Holmes (Ben Syder) and Dr. Watson (Gareth David-Lloyd) get word that a dinosaur is running amok in London. This take on the classic detective pits Holmes against a reckless mastermind who uses extinct predators for devious means. Taken aback by the news that his long absent brother (Dominic Keating) has materialized, Holmes remains resolved to crack this case of science gone mad.

Cast: Dominic Keating, Gareth David-Lloyd, Ben Syder, Elizabeth Arends, Chris Coxon, Rachael Evelyn, William Huw, Dylan Jones

Director: Rachel Goldenberg

Genres: Adventure, Mystery

Keywords: London, 1940s, Intense, Police officer, Mystery, Quest, Investigation, Brother

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  • Sherlock Holmes goes wrong in many ways except for one -- at the boxoffice. show more

  • The movie as a whole is clever, and conspicuously overwrought. But Mr. Downey's performance is elegantly wrought; he's as quick-witted as his legendary character, and blithely funny in the lovers' spats—all right, the mystery-lovers' spats—that Holmes keeps having with Jude Law's witty Dr. Watson. show more

  • With a clamorous soundtrack and a whirl of elaborate chases and busily choreographed fight scenes, this is Sherlock Holmes with Attention Deficit Disorder. show more

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