• Song Without End (1960)

Song Without End

Release Date: 1960

DVD Release Date: April 10th, 2007

Not Yet Rated |2 hr 25 min

Plot Summary

Famous pianist Franz Liszt (Dirk Bogarde) is unhappily married to Countess Marie D'Agoult (Genevieve Page) and considers quitting performing in order to devote his life to God. However, he then meets Princess Carolyne (Capucine), the wife of Prince Nicholas (Ivan Desny) of Russia, and instantly falls in love with her. Liszt follows the princess on her tour around Europe and eventually leaves his wife, hoping to marry Carolyne. However, Nicolas is not ready to give her up.

Cast: Dirk Bogarde, Capucine , Geneviève Page, Patricia Morison, Ivan Desny, Martita Hunt, Lou Jacobi, Albert Rueprecht

Director: Charles Vidor , George Cukor

Genres: Biography

Production Co: Columbia

Keywords: Temptation, Passionate, Rivalry, Rousing, Wife, Emotional, Forbidden love, Melodramatic

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