• The Colony (1995)

The Colony

Release Date: 1995

PG-13 |1 hr 36 min

Plot Summary

Unhappy with his current neighborhood, business executive Rick Knowlton (John Ritter) decides to relocate his family to a sheltered suburban community, largely at the urging of his boss, Philip Denig (Hal Linden). While the new area initially seems to be everything Rick had wanted for his wife (Mary Page Keller) and son (Cody Dorkin), he begins to realize that the community isn't so ideal after all, and that bad things can lurk in even the most secure neighborhoods.

Cast: John Ritter, Mary Page Keller, Hal Linden, Marshall R. Teague, Todd Jeffries, June Lockhart, John Wesley, Alexandra Picatto

Director: Rob Hedden

Genres: Thriller

Keywords: Suspenseful , 1990s , Son , Wife , Escape , Moving ,