• The Desperate Trail (1994) Cast & Crew

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  • John  Furlong
    John Furlong as Zeb Hollister
  • Robin  Westphal
    Robin Westphal as Mamie Hollister
  • Boots  Southerland
    Boots Southerland as Scar Face Leader
  • Joey  Hamlin
    Joey Hamlin as Laughing Boy Killer
  • Danny  O'Haco
    Danny O'Haco as Happy
  • Bradley  Whitford
    Bradley Whitford as Tommy Donnelly
  • Jill Scott  Momaday
    Jill Scott Momaday as Janie
  • R.L.  Tolbert
    R.L. Tolbert as Lean Poker Player
  • P.J.  Pesce
    P.J. Pesce as Scared Mustachioed Cowboy
  • Rockne  Tarkington
    Rockne Tarkington as Packo
  • Michael  Huddleston
    Michael Huddleston as Clyde
  • Peter  Gregory
    Peter Gregory as Dry Goods Clerk
  • George  Cook
    George Cook as Swedish Farmer
  • Elliot  Tolbert
    Elliot Tolbert as Michael
  • Andrea Camarena  Lindsay
    Andrea Camarena Lindsay as Katrin
  • Jerry  Gardner
    Jerry Gardner as Sheriff Whitaker
  • Sam  Gauny
    Sam Gauny as Wells Fargo Clerk
  • Wally  Welch
    Wally Welch as Sanchez
  • Tom  Berto
    Tom Berto as Stage Driver
  • Ramon  Frank
    Ramon Frank as Shotgun
  • Jeff  O'Haco
    Jeff O'Haco as Frenchy
  • Tom  Abrams
    Tom Abrams as Red
  • Jon  Maldonado
    Jon Maldonado as Marvin
  • Malissa  Feruzzi
    Malissa Feruzzi as Kate Jessie
  • Cecile  Krevoy
    Cecile Krevoy as Con Woman in Saloon
  • Gretchen  Becker
    Gretchen Becker as Con Woman in Saloon