• The Great John L. (1945)

The Great John L.

Release Date: 1945

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 36 min

Plot Summary

This biopic is based on the life of prize fighter John L. Sullivan (Greg McClure), one of the first greats of bare-knuckle and gloved boxing in America. Sullivan becomes a rich man as the championships stack up, pulling him out of poverty. But the stress of fame eventually weighs on him, and his drinking and voracious eating diminish his sporting skills. Sullivan's life unravels and he loses the support of his loved ones. But is it too late for him to bounce back in the ring?

Cast: Greg McClure, Linda Darnell, Barbara Britton, Lee Sullivan, Otto Kruger, Wallace Ford, George Mathews, Robert Barrat

Director: Frank Tuttle

Genres: Biography

Keywords: Melodramatic, Fall, Transformation, Wife, Underdog, Emotional, Rise

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