• The Knack, and How to Get It (1965) Cast & Crew

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  • William  Dexter
    William Dexter as Dress Shop Owner
  • Charles  Dyer
    Charles Dyer as Man in Photo Booth
  • Margot  Thomas
    Margot Thomas as Female Teacher
  • John  Bluthal
    John Bluthal as Angry Father
  • Wensley  Pithey
    Wensley Pithey as Teacher
  • Helen  Lennox
    Helen Lennox as Girl in Photo Booth
  • Peter  Copley
    Peter Copley as Picture Owner
  • Dandy  Nichols
    Dandy Nichols as Tom's Landlady
  • Timothy  Bateson
    Timothy Bateson as Junkyard Owner
  • George  Chisholm
    George Chisholm as Left Luggage Porter