The Land of the Enlightened

The Land of the Enlightened (2016)

"How children master their lives in war-torn Afghanistan by engaging in ingenious commerce."
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Not Yet Rated 1 hr 23 minFeb 24th, 2016Documentary

A group of Kuchi children are living in a minefield around Bagram airfield, Afghanistan. They dig out anti-personal mines in order to sell the explosives to child workers mining in a Lappis Lazulli mine. The trajectory of the blue precious stones goes towards Tajikistan and China, through an area controlled by child soldiers. When they are not waging their own mini-wars in the daily madness of life in Afghanistan, the children are fleeing away in their personal fantasies and dreams, while the American soldiers are planning their retreat...

Pieter-Jan De Pue
Gholam Nasiras Himself
Khyrgyz Bajas Himself
Zulfuas Himself