The Last of the Knucklemen Poster

Release Date: 1981

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 33 min

Plot Summary
The foreman of a mining company in the Australian outback, who goes by the name of Tarzan (Gerard Kennedy), keeps his hard-drinking gang of men in line by virtue of his brawling skills. One of the men, known as Pansy (Michael Preston), has a habit of irritating all his coworkers -- and, when he mouths off one too many times for Tarzan's liking, the two of them decide to settle their differences once and for all with a bare-knuckle fight that grabs everyone's attention.

Cast: Gerard Kennedy, Michael Preston, Peter Hehir, Michael Duffield, Dennis Miller, Stephen Bisley, Michael Caton

Director: Tim Burstall

Genres: Action

Keywords: Competition, Tense, Gritty, 1970s, Rivalry