The Pirate Movie Poster

Release Date: 1982

DVD Release Date: March 22nd, 2005

PG|1 hr 39 min

Plot Summary
Mabel (Kristy McNichol) yearns for true love. Unfortunately, she has to be knocked out to find romance. While attending a pirate festival, she falls for the dashing Frederic (Christopher Atkins), who puts on a swashbuckling sword-fighting clinic. The two are supposed to sail away together, but Mabel is left on the pier. She gets in a boat to follow him, and winds up on a desert island where she gets knocked unconscious and is propelled into the past, dreaming of pirates and, of course, romance.

Cast: Kristy McNichol, Christopher Atkins, Ted Hamilton, Bill Kerr, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Garry McDonald, Chuck McKinney, Linda Nagle

Director: Ken Annakin

Genres: Musical comedy

Keywords: Love, Pursuit, Playful, 1980s, Rivalry, Lighthearted