• The Rainbow (2006)

The Rainbow

Release Date: May 1st, 2006

R |1 hr 52 min

Plot Summary

Born to a rich landowner in the waning days of the Victorian era, Ursula Brangwen (Sammi Davis) grows into a beautiful young woman full of imagination and ambition. The free-spirited Ursula begins to feel trapped by her prim surroundings, but her life changes when she has an erotic experience with Winifred (Amanda Donohoe), a bisexual teacher. From then on, Ursula puts all of her passion and creativity into the pursuit of sexual fulfillment. But her insatiable quest becomes a source of anguish.

Cast: Sammi Davis, Paul McGann, Amanda Donohoe, Christopher Gable, David Hemmings, Glenda Jackson, Dudley Sutton, Jim Carter

Director: Ken Russell

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Passionate , Love , England , Spirited , Soldier , Brother , School , Father , Quest , Sister , Growing up