The Spotted Lily

The Spotted Lily (1917)

Wracked with illness and discarded by a wealthy and unscrupulous aristocrat, Yvonne Lamour seeks out her former sweetheart Anatole in order to beg him to care for her infant daughter Yvonne. She finds him in a monastery, now Pere Anatole, having joined to ease the pain of her leaving him. Soon after, Yvonne dies and little Yvonne grows to adulthood and falls in love with Jean Duval, a young violinist. When the war devastates the land, Anatole flees to America, taking Jean and Yvonne with him. There, beset by poverty, Jean endeavors to earn a living by playing the violin, but fails. In desperation, he pawns his violin to buy food and falls victim to the charms of Sonia Maroff, a wealthy woman whose fancy he has captured.
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