The Two Noble Kinsmen: Live from Shakespeare's Globe

The Two Noble Kinsmen: Live from Shakespeare's Globe (2020)

Not Yet Rated 2 hr 7 minMay 5th, 2020Comedy

How long is forever? When the imprisoned Palamon and Arcite vow eternal friendship, they don’t expect that anything will come between them. But then from their cell window they see the beautiful Emilia, and their priorities take a sudden and violent turn. In this late romance, Fletcher and Shakespeare examine love in all its fluid and complex forms. Barrie Rutter, recipient of the 2003 Sam Wanamaker Award, directs his first play since stepping down as Artistic Director of Northern Broadsides. Inspired by the play’s Morris language and references, The Two Noble Kinsmen is set in pastoral ‘Merrie England’ and brought to life with original music composed by acclaimed folk musician Eliza Carthy, and dance choreographed by Ewan Wardrop.

Barrie Rutter
Moyo Akandéas Hippolyta
Jude Akuwudikeas Theseus
Andy Cryeras Jailer