• Villa (1958)


Release Date: 1958

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 12 min

Plot Summary

American weapons dealer Bill Harmon (Brian Keith) witnesses firsthand the bone-chilling military career of Pancho Villa (Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.), a man who would rise to prominence as a key general in the Mexican Revolution and a controversial national hero. After Harmon saves Villa from a police officer's bullet, he becomes a member of the general's inner circle, where he witnesses both heroism and atrocities -- and falls for Villa's fiancée, torch singer Julie (Margia Dean).

Cast: Brian Keith, Cesar Romero, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., Margia Dean, Rosenda Monteros, Carlos Múzquiz, Elisa Loti, Jose Trevino

Director: James B. Clark

Genres: Adventure , Western , Biography , Historical drama

Keywords: Rise, Small town, Love triangle, Transformation, Melodramatic

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