• White Banners (1938)

White Banners

Release Date: 1938

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 28 min

Plot Summary

In 1919, Hannah Parmalee (Fay Bainter) becomes the housekeeper for the family of science teacher Paul Ward (Claude Rains). Struggling to invent an iceless icebox, Paul takes Hannah's advice and invites young student Peter Trimble (Jackie Cooper) to help him. They work together and perfect a prototype, but Peter's poor judgment leads to its theft by mechanics who claim it as their own work. Meanwhile, Hannah keeps an eye on the teen boy, who doesn't know he's the child she gave up for adoption.

Cast: Claude Rains, Fay Bainter, Jackie Cooper, Bonita Granville, Henry O'Neill, Kay Johnson, James Stephenson, J. Farrell MacDonald

Director: Edmund Goulding

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Family , Emotional , Small town , House , Rise , Moving , Wife , Daughter , Love


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