Wuthering Heights Poster

Release Date: 1970

DVD Release Date: December 26th, 2001

G|1 hr 45 min

Plot Summary
The wealthy Mr. Earnshaw (Harry Andrews) adopts Heathcliff (Timothy Dalton), a young street urchin he meets on a trip to the city, welcoming the boy into his stately rural mansion, Wuthering Heights. Though Earnshaw's daughter Catherine (Anna Calder-Marshall) initially treats Heathcliff with disgust, the two eventually fall in love. But when Catherine's hateful brother Hindley (Julian Glover) returns home in the wake of his father's sudden death, it threatens to tear the young lovers apart.

Cast: Anna Calder-Marshall, Timothy Dalton, Ian Ogilvy, Harry Andrews, Pamela Brown, Judy Cornwell, James Cossins, Rosalie Crutchley

Director: Robert Fuest

Genres: Romance

Keywords: Melodramatic, Brother, Daughter, Rivalry, Brooding, Emotional, Revenge, Transformation, Love triangle, Forbidden love, Tense


Nominated Best Original Score - Motion Picture