1945 Movies

One Day with the Devil Poster
One Day with the Devil November 30, 1945
Detour Poster
Detour November 30, 1945
Nazi Concentration Camps Poster
Nazi Concentration Camps November 29, 1945
The Lost Weekend Poster
The Lost Weekend November 29, 1945
My Name Is Julia Ross Poster
My Name Is Julia Ross November 27, 1945
Fallen Angel Poster
Fallen Angel November 15, 1945
Hare Tonic Poster
Hare Tonic November 10, 1945
And Then There Were None Poster
And Then There Were None October 31, 1945
Pursuit to Algiers Poster
Pursuit to Algiers October 26, 1945
Mildred Pierce Poster
Mildred Pierce October 20, 1945
Week-End at the Waldorf Poster
Week-End at the Waldorf October 4, 1945
Blithe Spirit Poster
Blithe Spirit October 3, 1945
The Spanish Main Poster
The Spanish Main October 1, 1945
The House on 92nd Street Poster
The House on 92nd Street September 10, 1945
Isle of the Dead Poster
Isle of the Dead September 1, 1945
State Fair Poster
State Fair August 29, 1945
Anchors Aweigh Poster
Anchors Aweigh August 13, 1945
Christmas in Connecticut Poster
Christmas in Connecticut August 11, 1945
The Woman in Green Poster
The Woman in Green July 27, 1945
Along Came Jones Poster
Along Came Jones July 19, 1945
Bewitched Poster
Bewitched July 4, 1945
Wonder Man Poster
Wonder Man June 8, 1945
The Way Ahead Poster
The Way Ahead June 3, 1945
Back to Bataan Poster
Back to Bataan May 30, 1945
The Body Snatcher Poster
The Body Snatcher May 25, 1945
China Sky Poster
China Sky May 16, 1945
San Pietro Poster
San Pietro May 3, 1945
The Southerner Poster
The Southerner April 30, 1945
Tarzan and the Amazons Poster
Tarzan and the Amazons April 29, 1945
Blood on the Sun Poster
Blood on the Sun April 26, 1945
Son of Lassie Poster
Son of Lassie April 20, 1945
The House of Fear Poster
The House of Fear March 16, 1945
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Poster
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn February 28, 1945
Murder, My Sweet Poster
Murder, My Sweet February 22, 1945
Objective, Burma! Poster
Objective, Burma! February 17, 1945
Hangover Square Poster
Hangover Square February 7, 1945
The Three Caballeros Poster
The Three Caballeros February 3, 1945
National Velvet Poster
National Velvet January 26, 1945
To Have and Have Not Poster
To Have and Have Not January 20, 1945
A Song to Remember Poster
A Song to Remember January 19, 1945
Tiger Trouble Poster
Tiger Trouble January 6, 1945
Murder, He Says Poster
Murder, He Says January 1, 1945
Meet Me in St. Louis Poster
Meet Me in St. Louis January 1, 1945