The Super Bowl is always a star-studded event, with celebrity football fans rubbing elbows with average NFL aficionados to cheer on the sport's best teams. But this year, the game was even more meaningful to a select famous trio with some pretty strong ties to the ultimate champion.

Several members of the main cast of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" -- the long-running FXX comedy about a gang of morally bankrupt people who run a failing Irish pub in the City of Brotherly Love -- were there in Minneapolis, Minnesota to watch the Philadelphia Eagles triumph over the New England Patriots on Sunday night. Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito flew out together on a private jet to witness the historic win (the Eagles' first), and the actors couldn't contain their excitement.

McElhenney -- who is actually a Philadelphia native, and a lifelong Eagles fan -- tweeted throughout the days leading up to the big night, sharing snaps from the jet he and Olson (who are married in real life) and DeVito shared, the coincidental weather report, and the view from their seats in the stadium. McElhenney and Olson even got to schmooze with Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf, and McElhenney was clearly overjoyed as the clock winded down and the crowd realized that Philly had indeed claimed victory.

We have to say that the real winner, though, was whatever genius decided to blast the "Always Sunny" theme song inside the stadium following the game.

Now that was some inspired play calling.