Becoming this year’s comedy It Girl agrees with Amy Schumer.

“I would say I’m handling it like a complete champion,” she said Wednesday on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” “Am I different? I’ve gotten better looking. My personality’s improved.”

What’s more, she gets to now meet famous people, like Bradley Cooper.

“I’ve seen him at a couple of things. I always harass him,” she said. “I’m just like: ‘Bradley!’ To make my sister laugh, I shout his name.”

And while she says she’s normally “very uncomfortable talking to someone that handsome,” she mustered the courage to go up to Cooper at one event and was immediately swept off her feet.

“He’s like really charismatic,” she said. “He stares in your eyes and asks you questions, which like no man does. That’s the trick, you guys, just half pay attention to what we say.”

The interaction was so meaningful she wondered if her life had taken a sudden dramatic change.

“Am I dating Bradley Cooper? Yeah, I was like: Amy Cooper?” she said. “So I go home and update my status up on Facebook: in a relationship.”

It wasn’t until she saw him again with the “girl he’s actually dating,” Russian model Irina Shayk, that Schumer had a rude awakening.

“Here’s me in like my sad nurse outfit, and Irina Shayk looks like a panther and leopard mated and made the most bangable human,” she said. “I’m like, ‘What about me Bradley?’”