Some people just don't seem to want to like James Corden just showed why she's actually awesome and deserves recognition for it.

The five-minute "Drop the Mic" video is impressive on both sides, and it's refreshing to see Hathaway be such a good sport about jokes on her Oscars hosting gig, her Oscars acceptance speech, "The Intern," and everything else, while giving it right back to Corden with confidence and ... maybe even a little bit of swag? Sure, it was a scripted rap, not exactly extemporaneous, but that just makes it all the more impressive.

Here's how LaineyGossip put it:

"Annie was on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night and accepted the challenge to rap battle. And here is where I don't think she gets enough credit: live performance. She is well-trained for it. And when she has an able and willing partner to play with, like Hugh Jackman or James Corden – and not James Franco – she shines. She really, really shines.

What I appreciate here is that it took work. She didn't just go on a talk show and answer some questions. In agreeing to participate in this segment, Jesus, can you imagine the memorisation? You can't cue card this sh-t. She had to have done her homework and then delivered. Nothing turns me on more than seeing evidence that someone has put in the preparation. Yes, of course, James had to do the same. But it's his show. It's his job. His idea. Annie's not contracted to memorise pages of verse when she goes on a talk show. But she will.

This is how Anne Hathaway is 'cool'. She'll never be that actor who shows up on someone's couch and gets by on attitude and a slow drawl. (That eventually gets old anyway, I'm looking at you Johnny Depp.) For some people, being 'cool' is not caring. Anne Hathaway can't not care. It's just not her. When she cares is when she's at her coolest."

Agreed! Watch the rap:

"You can try to knock me down round after round but I promise you Anne Hathaway, she won't stay on the ground/
I was hated and shaded but now I've been liberated/
There's nothing you can say to leave me incapacitated..."

Love it -- especially since she's responding to Corden, but you know it's really about finally standing up to her critics. Talkin' to you, Franco!

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