We're still no closer to having an actual premiere date -- or even a firm production start date -- for the long-awaited fifth season of the recently revived "Arrested Development," but it's definitely still happening, according to one of the show's stars.

Jessica Walter gave a quick update on the status of season five while attending the Creative Arts Emmy Awards this past weekend (where her FX spy show "Archer" picked up the Best Animated Series trophy), offering reporters a tantalizing tease while backstage at the ceremony.

"It's looking real good," Walter told the press of the next season of "Arrested." "I don't have dates, but everybody is on board."

That last bit is really nothing new, since the cast and crew have been talking for years about reuniting for a fifth outing of the rescued-by-Netflix series, which aired its most recent fourth season in 2013. But what's holding up the proceedings is the same problem that plagued the series in season four: The busy cast just can't work out their schedules so they're all free at the same time.

Producer Brian Grazer got our hopes up way back in June 2015 when he said that new episodes would start shooting in early 2016, and drop sometime this summer. Those promised 17 episodes obviously never materialized, though the most recent intel from creator Mith Hurwitz suggested that the show would debut before the November election to capitalize on the uncanny similarities between the show's storyline about the Bluths constructing a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, and Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) campaigning as a Republican presidential candidate who supports the idea.

We're not going to hold our breaths for a 2016 premiere, especially since Walter indicated that there are no current plans for production. But stranger things have happened (like the show essentially predicting the 2016 election), so at the very least we'll keep our fingers crossed.

[via: Deadline]

Photo credit: F. Scott Schafer for Netflix